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Why do I need a crown instead of a filling?

A dental filling is often ideal for restoring a tooth that has a cavity. However, if your tooth is compromised or the decay is larger and deeper than a filling can safely restore, Dr. Fruithandler may recommend a crown to restore your tooth structure.

A crown fits over your remaining tooth and is designed to match your tooth’s structure, shape, and shade. It is usually recommended for these types of situations:

  • You have a large broken filling or lost crown.
  • Your tooth was treated with root canal therapy.
  • Your tooth has a large fracture or crack.
  • Your teeth are going to anchor a dental bridge.

Crowns are very durable and give you all the function of chewing and biting you had with your natural tooth. You can also brush and floss your new tooth just as you were used to doing, making it simple to take care of.

If you’ve been told that your tooth needs a crown, it is important not to delay that treatment. A tooth that is fractured or decayed could become infected, which will lead to pain and could result in tooth loss if left untreated. Contact Gateway Dental right away to schedule treatment for your tooth.

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